Withdrawal policy

Students have 10 weeks to withdraw from a course without penalty during the Fall and Spring terms (see the Academic Calendar for dates for the Summer term). This university policy allows students time to work with the instructor and to seek tutoring and guidance in order to be successful in the course.

Students can withdraw from courses through the Registrar’s office or on My ASU without the approval of the instructor or an advisor within the first 10 weeks of standard scheduled 16 week course. If you are registered for a non-standard or dynamic dated course your withdrawal period will be determined by your course length. Review your course details on My ASU for the deadline dates for withdrawal. Be sure to check on any implications withdrawing from a course or courses can affect your progress in your program, your visa, scholarship or financial aid status prior to taking action. See your academic advisor if you have any questions.

After the 10 week (standard courses) period, the School will not grant any late withdrawals. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

My ASU will remain available for processing a complete withdrawal for all students prior to the first day of each semester. However, after the first day of the semester, complete withdrawal via My ASU will be available only to graduate students. Summer and winter sessions are not affected. Published withdrawal deadlines will remain in effect for all terms.

Any questions about these policies can be directed to the SCAI Advising Center at Centerpoint, Suite 105, 
[email protected], 480-965-3199.