Save time and money

High-achieving students can take advantage of our ​Accelerated Master’s programs.

You can accomplish a lot in five years

Pursue a master’s degree in less time and with less financial commitment.

Designed for the dedicated and driven Fulton Schools student, accelerated programs combine advanced undergraduate course work with graduate course work, enabling students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years.


If you're enrolled in:Consider an accelerated program in:
Computer science (BS)Computer science or Robotics and Autonomous Systems (AI)
Computer systems engineering (BSE)Computer science, Computer Engineering or Robotics and Autonomous Systems (AI)
Industrial engineering (BSE)Industrial engineering
Software engineering (BS)Software engineering or Robotics and Autonomous Systems (AI) or Computer Science
Engineering management (BSE)Industrial engineering
Informatics (BS)Robotics and autonomous systems (AI)

The accelerated degree program is an opportunity for in-person students enrolled in an undergraduate program in computer science, computer systems engineering, industrial engineering, engineering management or software engineering to transition directly into the corresponding graduate program.

Top undergraduate students can begin taking classes toward their master’s degree during their senior year of undergraduate studies. The accelerated program allows students to share nine credit hours between their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

One great benefit of the accelerated program is the savings. You can save time and money by reducing the time it takes to graduate with a master’s degree by up to one semester. Students with eligible NAMU scholarships who are eligible to graduate from their bachelor’s program in less than eight semesters are able to use the scholarship towards graduate work. Another benefit of entering our master’s program through the accelerated program is not being required to complete the GRE.

Interested students should meet with their undergraduate academic advisor to learn more about the accelerated program and to determine their eligibility before they apply to the program.

Admission into the accelerated program is competitive and is not guaranteed. Several factors are taken into consideration when evaluating a student’s application: the student’s cumulative GPA, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and performance in individual courses.

Accelerate your future

3+1 is a fully constructed course schedule that capitalizes on your Advanced PlacementInternational BaccalaureateCambridge International Examtransfer coursework (or dual enrollment) (DE), ASU Prep Digital, Engineering Fast Track or Open Scale (OS) credits to help you earn two degrees in four years. That’s the time it takes most people to get just one degree.

3+1 is a fully constructed course schedule that capitalizes on your AP credits, IB credits or dual-enrollment courses, and is available for select degree programs. Find out more about how you can accelerate your studies in computer science or computer systems engineering.