Major internship program

CSE/CPI/SER 484: Structured practical experience following a contract or plan, supervised by faculty and practitioners


Dr. Xuerong (Sherry) Feng for CSE 484

Dr. Kurt VanLehn for CPI 484

Dr. Srividya Bansal for SER 484

Course Mission

This course is designed to provide undergraduate students an industrial internship experience in relevant industry and related sectors that (a) provides the intern direct exposure to real world professional activities, (b) enhances their personal and professional skills, and (c) increases the likelihood of professional employment opportunities in their major. In addition, students gain experience in resume development, how to prepare for and conduct themselves in a professional interview by company representatives, and are better prepared to enter their chosen profession. This course is designed to give students a real world industrial design experience in computer science industries.

**International students can apply to use CPT if approved for this internship.


The following defines the requirements for the student and internship position.

The student must have:

  1. GPA
    • Earned a cumulative GPA (ASU + transfer) of 2.50. AND
    • CS and CSE students: Must have completed at least 21 hours of CSE classes applicable to his or her program with a major GPA of 3.0.
    • SE students: Must have completed at least 21 hours of CSE/SER classes with a major GPA of 3.0.
    • Informatics students: Must have completed at least 21 hours of CPI/CSE classes with a major GPA of 3.0.
  2. Courses
    • CS and CSE students: Complete CSE 310 and 360 with a C or better or be concurrently enrolled in CSE 360.
    • SE students: Complete SER 222, CSE 240, and SER 216 with a grade of C or better. Review SER Internship Guidelines.
    • Informatics students: Complete CPI 221, 310, and 360 with a grade of C or better or be concurrently enrolled in CPI 360.
  3. Applied for and been hired as an intern in an eligible position.

In addition,

  1. Students may use only 3 hours of CSE/SER/CPI 484 credit toward their degree requirements.
  2. Students may use a maximum of 6 credits of independent study toward their degree program.
  3. CS and CSE students may not use both CSE 484 and FSE 301 toward their upper division degree requirements.

The position must:

  1. Be directly related to computer science and/or software engineering and/or informatics and/or computer systems engineering and require the background gained through major courses.
  2. Provide the intern with appropriate learning experiences to enrich his or her overall education.
  3. Be posted and/or advertised as an internship. Ongoing or permanent positions are not eligible.
  4. Require the intern to work at least 280 hours per term (20 hours per week for 14 weeks during the fall or spring semesters or 35 hours per week during the 8 week summer session.
  5. Have a designated supervisor/mentor who will provide feedback on the intern’s progress.

Application Process

The following application materials must be completed and submitted to the applicable internship coordinator for the course.

  1. Submit Application: SCAI 484-Internship-Application
  2. Unofficial transcripts.
  3. Copy of position posting/advertisement.
  4. Letter from employer verifying the hiring of the intern and agreeing with the commitment of supervision tasks and the providing of feedback.

In addition, there must be on file a completed Affiliation Agreement with the Fulton Schools of Engineering. Learn about the Student Placement Agreement by emailing Student Placement Agreement not required if internship is paid.


If approved, a student will be issued an override in order to complete registration and an email confirmation will be sent by the SCAI Academic Advising Center.

Completion Process

A student will receive a grade (pass or fail) for CSE/CPI if the following are completed:

  1. Semester report written by intern. The following as a minimum must be included:
    • Overview of primary focus.
    • List of significant outcomes.
    • Description how the internship contributed to the learning experience.
    • Signature by student’s supervisor assuring accuracy and insuring no company sensitive information is compromised.
  2. Midterm feedback from intern’s supervisor describing student contributions, attendance and professionalism.
  3. End of semester feedback from intern’s supervisor describing student contributions, attendance and professionalism.