Learning to code is a rewarding activity for many. The ability to solve complex problems and create tools to help people in their daily lives are some of the reasons why people decide to pursue computer science and software engineering degrees.

However, the outlook for this career field is troubling to some students. More than 240,000 tech jobs were cut through layoffs in 2023. The trend is continuing into 2024, with about 25,000 layoffs happening in January at tech companies large and small in a variety of industries.

“The recent layoffs have been worrying,” says Ananya Bist, an international student at Arizona State University pursuing a master’s degree in computer science.

“I have a clear idea about the kind of work I want to do,” she says, “but I have realized that I need to be more flexible in the early stages to find my footing in the industry.”

Even as the job market has become increasingly competitive, students and new graduates still have plenty of opportunities to pursue their programming dreams with the right skills and a robust support network.

The Google Developer Student Club, a student organization in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, has been a valuable resource for Bist and the university’s community of coding enthusiasts. The organization’s goal is to help students interested in topics from developing software for mobile apps to machine learning to generating new skills and making connections with their peers, alumni and industry professionals.

“We recognize the importance of preparing our members not just with technical skills, but also with the resilience and adaptability required in today’s dynamic job market,” says Arnav Aghav, a computer science student in the Accelerated Master’s degree program in the Fulton Schools and president of the ASU Google Developer Student Club.

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