Engineering management minor

Engineering management minor

Engineering management is a new minor that has been launched by the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence.

Program Description:

The program in engineering management is designed to provide the graduate with skills for effective management and leadership of engineering-driven enterprises. The curriculum provides a breadth of engineering science and design with depth in one specific area suitable for practice. This knowledge is augmented with an understanding of business practices, organizational behavior and management skills to enable the graduate to succeed in the management of a scientific or engineering enterprise. Topics such as project and resource management, financial engineering, risk management, configuration management, service plans, product liability, entrepreneurship and operations management are covered, in addition to product design and process development.

Program expectations

Upon completion of the minor students will have:

  1. An understanding of the role of engineering management, how the engineering function interacts with other functional areas (such as manufacturing, research and service organizations), and the critical functions of engineering management (including financial, legal, personnel administration, technology assessment and project management),
  2. The ability to perform a financial and feasibility analysis of engineering projects,
  3. A understanding of the impact of humans on organizations and the corresponding management/leadership/entrepreneurial techniques, and
  4. Knowledge of the available techniques and tools used to guide planning and control of technical engineering activities

Program requirements

The program of study for a minor in Engineering Management requires a minimum of 18 credit hours.  (Please note that Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management majors will NOT be eligible for the minor).  Prior to enrolling in the minor students must have completed MAT 265 and MAT 266 (or an equivalent calculus sequence) with a grade of C or better in each.

The minor requires complete of four core courses (12 credits) and two elective courses (6 credits).  All courses must be passed with a C or better.  At least 12 units must be completed in residence at ASU or through ASU Online.

Limitations may exist between double-counting courses for both the major and the minor. Students should review DARS for verification.

**Please note that many of these courses have additional prerequisites that students will need to complete.

***Students may not double count courses between a major and minor

The required core courses:

IEE 300: Economic Analysis for Engineers (Prereq: Fulton Engineering undergraduate student: MAT 265 or 270 with C or better and Introduction to Engineering course with C or better OR Engineering Management Minor/Concentration: MAT 265 or 270 with C or better)

IEE 380 Probability and Stats for Eng Problem Solving (Prereq: Fulton Engineering undergraduate student, Engineering Management minor, or Mathematical Concepts of Engineering certificate student; MAT 266 or 271 with C or better)

IEE 458: Project Management Spring only in person offering (Prereq: Engineering major OR Engineering Management minor or concentration; ECN 221 or IEE 380 with C or better; minimum junior standing)


CEE 481: Civil Engineering Project Management (Prereq: Civil Engineering BSE major; CEE 321 with C or better; CEE 351 with C or better; CEE 372 with C or better)

Notes: CEE 481 may not be used for both the BSE in civil engineering and the minor in engineering management.

The two elective courses must be selected from the following list:

IEE 369: Work Analysis and Design (Prereq: Fulton Engineering undergraduate student or Engineering Management Minor/Concentration; FIN 300 or IEE 300 with a C or better)

IEE 376: Operations Research Deterministic Techniques/Applications (Prereq: with C or better: Industrial Engr major; CSE 205; IEE 210; MAT 242, 342, or 343 OR Engr Management student or Mathematical Concepts of Engr certificate student; CSE 205; MAT 242, 342, or 343)

IEE 381: Lean Six Sigma Methodology Spring only in person offering (Prereq: IEE 380 with C or better)

IEE 412: Introduction to Financial Engineering Fall only icourse offering (Prereq: IEE 300 and IEE 380 with C or better)

IEE 431: Engineering Administration Fall only in person offering (Prereq: Fulton Engineering undergraduate student, Digital Culture (Media Processing) BA/BS major, or Engineering Management minor or concentration; minimum junior standing)

IEE 437: Human Factors Engineering (Prereq: Fulton Engineering undergraduate student or minimum 3.0 GPA; Credit is allowed for only IEE 437 or IEE 547 OR Visiting University Student)

IEE 454: Risk Management Fall only in person offering  (Prereq: Engineering major OR Engineering Management Minor/Concentration; ECN 221 or IEE 380 with C or better)

IEE 456: Introduction to Systems Engineering Fall only in person offering (Prereq: Junior or senior Engineering student OR Engineering Management Minor/Concentration)

IEE 474: Quality Control Fall only offering (Prereq: IEE 380 with C or better)