Post-award team


The SCAI post-award team works with our research-active faculty to help manage and monitor their sponsored research awards, so our faculty can focus on their research. We also help faculty manage their IIA, RID, infrastructure and gift accounts. Working closely with the pre-award team, we ensure that university, ABOR, state, sponsor and federal policies and regulations are met and that expenditures are properly documented to ensure sound and appropriate financial management.

Post-award activities include determining allowability of costs and approving payroll and non-payroll expenditures; reconciling accounts; forecasting; effort reporting; project closeout; and responding to audits. Please contact your post-award accountant when you have questions or would like help with expenditure issues; budget changes; no-cost extensions; effort reporting: or policies, regulations or award terms and conditions.

Post-award resources:

Post-award team

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