Research opportunities available in STAM Center

The Secure, Trusted, and Assured Microelectronics (STAM) Center has a number of Graduate Research Assistant positions in the specific topic areas below. This recruiting effort has specific goals. So please read these requirements carefully.


  1. Student candidate is at least starting their second year at ASU;
  2. Student candidate is looking for research opportunities for an M.S. thesis or to explore admission into the doctoral program. Please make sure to submit your application with a brief research statement.

Topic areas

  • Formal Methods Application;
  • Domain-Specific Language Development – the ideal candidate needs to be prolific in C/C++ programmer with assembly and binary programming experience;
  • Secure Compiler Development – good knowledge of LLVM;
  • Secure Operating Systems Design;
  • Applied Cryptography.

Both M.S. and 4+1 students who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply by sending their (1) CV, (2) ASU transcript, and (3) short research statement (all in PDF format) to¬†[email protected].

Additional technical details on the positions

Technical requirements for the operation systems positions:

  • Extensive experience in C/C++
  • Good knowledge of low-level details of operating systems including Linux or Unix-like microkernel-based OS such as QNX
  • Knowledge of runtime and compiler systems software

Technical requirements for the applied cryptography positions:

  • Strong background in abstract algebra, linear algebra, number theory and probability theory
  • Knowledge of classical methods and techniques of applied cryptography including RSA, Diffie-Hellman, Elliptic Curve and Lattice-Based cryptosystems
  • Understanding of the construction of cryptographic primitives such as stream ciphers, block ciphers, and hash functions

Technical requirements for the formal methods positions:

  • Knowledge of formal method techniques, type systems, and functional programming languages
  • Symbolic logic and theorem proving
  • Practical formal verification experience including abstraction and end-to-end checking using formal engines or simulators
  • Develop checking algorithms, assertions, program analysis, constraint-solving, and FV models

Note: Multiple positions are available.