Yinong Chen, a teaching professor in the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence, or SCAI, part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, has again been invited to lead an undergraduate student team to the Intel Cup.

The international event, hosted by Intel and organized by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Jiaotong University, is an annual design contest for high-performing undergraduate students. Each year, approximately 160 student teams from countries around the world assemble in Shanghai, China to demonstrate computer science projects they have created. The contest seeks to help students develop both technical and important social skills.

This will be Chen’s fifth time as a coach. His teams have previously been awarded three first prizes, a second prize and a third prize.

This year, Chen’s students are building upon their capstone project, a significant piece of work completed by upper-division students over the course of two semesters. Chen tasked the student team with developing a digital class assistant and tutor that is powered by artificial intelligence, or AI.

Working in conjunction with ASU’s AI Innovation Challenge, the team combined OpenAI’s ChatGPT functionality with a comprehensive database of information about Chen’s CSE 445 Distributed Software Development class. The result is a digital assistant called ASUGPT that is always available to answer information about homework assignments, testing schedules, course information and more. The tool can work for any ASU course if the class discussion board data is added into the system.

The students demonstrated a fully functional version of ASUGPT at SCAI’s Capstone Showcase in April and were on hand to answer attendee questions.

The 2024 Intel Cup team poses with their poster

For the Intel Cup project, the student team will refine the AI tutor to run on a single computer that uses a next-generation Intel processor, instead of on the AWS cloud. This is an important evolution of the product as it both saves expensive cloud resources and prepares for a future where the digital tutor could be installed and distributed to ASU local computers for many different courses with better intellectual property control and management.

A chat screen showing a conversation between a user and ASUGPT

It’s this version that the students will present at the Intel Cup in July.

The student members of the 2024 team are Alex Guha, John Cowan, Thomas Tung and Jett Bauman.

Assistant Teaching Professor Gennaro De Luca will also be a team coach. Gennaro won the 2016 Intel Cup first prize when he was an undergraduate computer science student.

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