Internship opportunities at AI startup

Ivy is a startup on a mission to unify all Machine Learning (ML) frameworks, making ML code cleaner, more flexible and fully reusable.

We are looking for talented developers to join our team remotely for 3-12 months with flexible start dates. You will help to extend Ivy’s codebase as we expand into the PyTorch Ecosystem and beyond!

The monthly salary will be $2,500-4,000 depending on experience. We are hiring worldwide, no visa required.

During the role, your tasks would include:

  • Helping with Ivy’s graph compiler and transpiler, enabling automatic code conversions
  • Working alongside our open-source partners, incorporating Ivy into their popular repos
  • Implementing SOTA models in Ivy, and adding these to Hugging Face’s transformers

Requirements for applicants:

  • Strong Python skills, with expertise in one of: PyTorch, TensorFlow, JAX
  • Strong skills in recursive programming. Check out the Ivy Container class
  • A passion for Machine Learning research, and for our vision to unify the ML frameworks!

Apply now: