Desert CodeSprouts- Computer Science Workshop for Middle-School Kids


Welcome to Desert CodeSprouts Workshop!


Where young minds embark on an exciting journey into the world of computing with this unique workshop built for 8th grade students to explore more about computer science.


Hey future techies! Want to have a good time with computers and friends? Are you ready to explore the amazing world of computing in a workshop where your ideas come to life? Join us for a fun-filled journey into coding and build awesome memories together!


Join us on Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 9 a.m. for our upcoming workshop for 8th grade students and let the exploration begin!

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Experienced Mentors and Volunteers: Our expert mentors bring learning to life with enthusiasm and expertise.

Interactive Learning: We believe in hands-on experiences to make tech concepts fun and relatable.

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Inclusive environment: Every studnet is a valued participant, ensuring a supportive and collaborative learning atmosphere.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

How exactly can today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) complete amazing tasks? Our module will provide students with an overview of how machines preform complex tasks and go through the process of decision making.


As we rely on computers, it is important to ensure our interactions remain secure. In this module, students will put to use key practices in the world of cybersecurity through a series of games.


Ever wondered how websites and pages are really created? With an introduction to HTML & CSS, students will have an opportunity to create on their own web page after learning these programming basics!

User Interface Design

Each website and mobile app are developed to ensure that the user can have a positive experience. Learn the theories, practices, and designs behind reaching different audiences through web design.


This workshop will take place on May 11th, 2024 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. During this workshop, students will be taken through a series of four different activities covering topics in Web Development, Machine Learning, and Cybersecurity. 

Registration fee

A fee of $20 per student applies for each workshop, ensuring a spot in this exciting experience.

**Payment info coming soon**

Registration is not yet open, but if your student is interested in participating in this workshop, there is an interest form located at the bottom of the registration section. This interest form will ensure that as soon as registration is opened, you are notified!


Please note that registrations close 2 weeks prior to workshop dates. Registration for May 11th, 2024 workshop closes on April 27th, 2024

Cancellation policy

If you cancel more than two weeks prior to the first day of workshop, Desert CodeSprouts will fully refund the registration fee. If you cancel more than one week prior to the start date, Desert CodeSprouts will refund 50% of the registration fee. Cancellations made less than one week to the start date will receive no refund of registration fees as it is at that point too late to offer the spot to a wait-listed individual.

Please send a cancellation request by email to the [email protected] attaching the confirmation email you received from us upon your confirmed registration.


To allow our workshop to be accessible to as many youth as possible, Desert CodeSprouts offers bursaries to cover our registration fee.

**Bursary details coming soon**

Additional information

During this one-day workshop, each student will be expected to bring their own lunches.

All other materials needed for the workshop will be provided.

To be notified about this workshop registration, fill out the interest form.


Girls at ASU workshop


Are you passionate about making a difference and sharing your knowledge with eager young minds? Looking for an enriching way to give back, enhance your resume, and develop new skills? Join our vibrant team of volunteers and help inspire the next generation of thinkers and doers at our interactive workshops. Your expertise could be the spark that ignites a student’s lifelong passion for learning! Volunteer with us and be a part of this rewarding journey.


See our information packet below for more information and requirements for applying.

SCAI Workshop Volunteer Application Packet




Desert CodeSprouts is looking for sponsors to provide cash or in-kind donations to keep our programs running at minimal cost to participants.

All sponsors will be featured on our web site and in participant take-home packages.

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Desert CodeSprouts is the first of a series of workshops created to help younger students experience what computer science really is. All questions regarding the Desert CodeSprouts workshops can be emailed to this team at [email protected].
Hasti Seifi, Adil Ahmad, Jameela Kauser and Taryn Wilson

Workshop Co-Founders and Team, ASU, School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence

We gratefully acknowledge the inspiration and foundational ideas derived from the GirlSmart4Tech workshop, which have been instrumental in shaping the development of our program. GIRLsmart4tech