Mike and Sugar Barnes Professor Dr. Yu Ding
School of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Institute of Data Science, Texas A&M University
Friday, September 24, 2021, 12 p.m.
Via Zoom: https://asu.zoom.us/j/7274630791

IE Decisions Systems Engineering Fall ’21 Seminar Series
Hosted by: Ashif Iquebal
For recording, contact [email protected].

Discovering and manufacturing new materials is a laborious and time-consuming process. Historically this process takes countless time of material scientists and manufacturing engineers as they experiment with many different ingredient compositions and process conditions, in order to find the right combination leading to the material of desired properties. A team of researchers at Texas A&M University is contemplating the question— could an autonomous system be developed to replace the countless human hours and thus accelerate the discovery and manufacturing of advanced materials? In this talk, the speaker will review some of the existing platforms that inject certain degree of intelligence into a manufacturing system. The speaker will further discuss his team’s ongoing work of handling surprise observations and its implication in the broad effort of building such autonomous systems.

Dr. Yu Ding is the Mike and Sugar Barnes Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University and Associate Director for Research Engagement of Texas A&M Institute of Data Science. Dr. Ding received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Michigan in 2001. His research interest is in data and quality science. Dr. Ding is a recipient of the 2018 Texas A&M Engineering Research Impact Award, the 2019 IISE Technical Innovation Award, the 2020 Texas A&M’s University-Level Distinguished Achievement Award in Research, and a Fellow of IISE and ASME. Dr. Ding is serving as the Editor-in-Chief for IISE Transactions for the term of 2021-2024.